Here at Southwoke, one of our favorite ways to demonstrate our commitment to wokeness is by supporting those who are battling on the front lines. And some of those who are fighting the hardest are the brave souls pushing drag queen story hours to our children despite the irritating complaining of some parents.

For the uninitiated and the squares, drag queen story hours are geared for children aged three to eleven and are hosted by drag queens who read children’s books, offer children’s seminars on how to twerk, lessons on stripping, and even pointers on pole dancing. They’re great fun for the entire family and an awesome way to sexualize our youngsters at an early age.

That’s why in 2015, we were proud to be the official airline of the Cream City Foundation, a Milwaukee-based foundation that bravely sponsored Drag Queen Story Hours throughout Milwaukee. Tragically, Cream City’s CEO was later arrested and convicted of child pornography so we were forced to pause our relationship with this great group of folks.

More recently, one of our loyal Southwoke employees stood with the brave organizers of an underage drag queen strip show at a local gay bar here in Dallas. Harassed by a pesky videographer for attending an event to show our drag love for Dallas underage kids, our brave employee stood up to the bully, telling her she would burn in hell and strategically hawking a loogie in her direction through his car window.

Southwoke salutes such bravery and pledges to continue to stand with those working on the front lines to sexualize our children.